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Best procrastination websites

Everyone procrastinates; it’s just how the world works, especially during exam season. Your room never looked so clean, right? You’ve taken to cooking elaborate meals and you even call home more often, all to put off revision. Well, to stop you wasting any further time looking for the best procrastination websites, we’ve rounded them all up here to help you procrastinate more effectively, whether it’s mindless scrolling through memes, or taking your mind off your work completely, it’s all here.


A big list of funny memes, VInes, videos and stories, from bubble bears to delighted cats.


Yet another list of clever and funny memes and GIFs. Just keep scrolling and lose hours and hours thinking, 'that is SO true'.

3. Buzzfeed

No procrastination list is complete without Buzzfeed. How can pictures, GIFs. captios and lists be so, so addictive?

4. Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

Don't you ever wish you had a name as awesome as Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, this site generates names that are almost as good. Just keep clicking 'Make Name' unitl you get a keeper. We like 'Fragglerock Crumplehorn'.

5. Forbes

It’s not really procrastinating if the articles you’re reading are business and finance news, right? It may refocus your mind on the bigger picture and the job you might get from acing your exams!

6. Wikipedia

We could all spend so much time on Wikipedia, made even better by Matt Edmundson and Chris’s Radio 1 game ‘Wiki Races’. You need to select two random Wikipedia pages and try to find your way from one to the other using only the links on the page.

7. Kongregate

Visit to play thousands of free online games, which are also supported by forums and chat rooms. You can earn badges and points while you play, not to mention SSC (short for Serious Street Cred, of course, or so Kongregate tells us!).

8. Flickr Explore

Flickr Explore will be a welcome, soothing treat for the eyes after staring at words on a screen and in text books for hours on end. It’s just an endless stream of beautiful images.

9. Kickstarter

If you’re going to waste time on the internet, you could do a lot worse than Kickstarter. Get inspired by creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

10. Uncrate Videos

Watch loads of random, cool videos. Hey, where did the day go?!


If you struggle to keep things in perspective whilst studying for your exams, why not take a break and create a bucket list for when you’re finished! With over 4 million ideas, you definitely won’t run out of things to do over the summer!

12. Well-dressed animals

If you have been concentrating really hard on something very complicated, this is the perfect antidote. These animals are well dressed. Shifting your focus to something so lovely and simple will leave the rest of your brain to process what you’ve just been working on.

13. Nailed It

OK, not a website, but a Twitter feed – it shows a direct comparison between the original and someone’s attempt to replicate it, whether it’s baking, artwork or dressing up.

14. Do nothing for 2 minutes

It plays soft wave music and times you for two minutes, during which time you aren’t allowed to touch your mouse or keyboard. If you do, it flashes ‘FAIL’ and starts the counter again.

15. Eel slap

Have you ever felt so wound up with revision and exam stress that only virtually slapping a man around the face with an eel will help? In slow motion? Of course you have, why else would this site exist?!

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