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Before you go home for Christmas

Going home for Christmas is really exciting. Admittedly, things like cleaning out the fridge are less so. Get it over with this side of New Year’s and you’ll thank yourselves when you return in January to a nice tidy house with a fridge that doesn’t smell like something has died in there. Also take a few extra measures to ensure you leave your house as secure as possible over the winter period.

1. Lock up

Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked. It sounds so simple, but still extremely important!

2. Hide your belongings

Make sure all of the valuables that you’re leaving behind are hidden and out of sight.

3. Be careful about the heating

Set heating on a low timer, but don’t turn it off completely. This will prevent your pipes from freezing while you’re away; it’s a nightmare (not to mention expensive!) to fix.

4. Beware of social media

Don’t say on social media when you are leaving your student house. It’s an advert that screams your house will be empty & makes it an easy target for thieves.

5. Let your landlord know

Let your landlord know when you are leaving for Christmas and when you are returning.

6. Think about where you leave your spare key

Don’t leave a spare key anywhere outside; under the doormat, a flower pot, anywhere! Thieves might try and look for it. Give a spare key to a friend that’s sticking around for Christmas or a neighbour you trust.

7. Settle any bills

If bills are due to come out while you’re away, sort them out before you go. It’s one less thing to worry about and you’ll avoid potential late charges.

8. Clean up

Have a good clean before you go. You will feel better coming home to a clean house in the New Year when the post-Christmas blues kick in!

9. Unplug

Unplug everything electrical apart from your fridge and freezer.

10. Take out the rubbish

Collect all house rubbish and put your bins out ready for collection day. Forget this and your house will smell rotten when you get back. Air fresheners are good… but they’re not that good. If you know your neighbours, ask them if they wouldn’t mind pulling your bin onto your driveway once it’s been emptied.

11. Clear out the fridge

Seriously. Do you fancy coming back to three week old milk? If you don’t want to throw all of your perishables away, you could always take them with you.

12. Do a final walk through

Make sure the last person to leave does a final walk through of the property, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything in your excitement to get home for Christmas!

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