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7 autumn home decor ideas 2020

It could be said that people fall into one of four categories depending on which season they prefer. You’re either a spring person, a summer person, an autumn person or a winter person. Most people will be able to instantly classify themselves as one of these types of people and that’s especially true for those who prefer the autumn.

If you’ve boldly categorised yourself as an autumn person, you probably favour the shorter evenings, pink sunsets and celebrations of Halloween and Bonfire Night. You’re probably instantly excited the moment the air seems to get a little cooler, the leaves start dropping and the fashion retailers start bringing out their scarves and gilets in shades of orange and mustard.

As well as autumn fashion, autumn home decor is a growing trend. So, if you’ve found yourself in search of inspiration for how to transform your home for autumn, look no further.


Autumn display ideas for your home

Whether you’re going all out and transforming every inch of your home for the seasonal change, or you’re just dedicating a small section to your favourite season, you have so many options. From focusing on front door accessories, to creating a vibrant autumn display on your dining room table, there are lots of different ways you could get creative. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1) Pumpkin ornament (UK)

What’s Autumn without pumpkins? Pumpkin ornaments, alongside fresh pumpkins, have become staple autumn decorations over the years. Whether you’re after bright orange, miniature pumpkins to display on your doorstep, or more elegant light-up pumpkins to sit on your living room windowsill, there are lots of options and things to do to style them.

If you’re on the hunt for some new pumpkin ornaments in the UK, here are some places you can check out:







2) Fake autumn leaves

One of the best parts of autumn? Seeing the leaves starting to fall as they change colour. But how do you get that autumnal feel inside your home without spending your evenings collecting real leaves? Here are some fake autumn leaves that will help your home feel seasonal without having to bring the outdoors inside!





Floristry Warehouse


3) Autumn door wreaths

Door wreathes really aren’t just for Christmas – they’re for all year round. You can get your hands on door wreaths to coincide with all four seasons, or you can even get creative and make your own! Here are some places where you can pick up an autumn wreath in the UK.



The Big Door Wreath Company


4) Autumn table décor

If you’re looking for inspiration to create the perfect autumn dining table, look no further. There are lots of elements that make up the formula for the perfect autumnal dining table and here are some of them.


How to create the perfect autumn dining table

• Create a floral centrepiece

Fresh or artificial, autumnal flowers can make for a perfect centrepiece – whether they’re scattered across the table or placed in a statement vase.

• Add some seasonal candles

Who doesn’t love the scent of pumpkin spice running through their home during the autumn months? Whether you’re a burnt orange fan, or swing more in the direction of cinnamon and vanilla, a few candles dotted around the table can create a cosy ambience for you and your guests.

• Pick up an autumn garland

This is another traditional Christmas piece that actually isn’t just for December! An autumn garland running from one end of your table to the other can set your dining scene perfectly.

• Look out for a seasonal table cloth

If you fancy a change, pick up some different table cloths to lay the base of your dining table display. You could layer seasonal colours to create a dynamic effect and switch them around if you fancy something different. That being said, if your table is rustic, it may fit your autumnal theme better than any table cloth ever could!

• Add some fairy lights

Although fairy lights can be used all year round, there’s something much more satisfying about them in the darker, colder months. Weave your lights around your other autumn decorations and experiment until you have the perfect autumnal masterpiece.

• Scatter some mini pumpkins

We’ve talked about pumpkin ornaments, but now let’s talk real pumpkins. If you want to add some autumnal authenticity to your table, pick up some mini pumpkins from your local supermarket/farm shop and scatter them across your table.

• Get some autumnal napkins

What’s a dining table without napkins? Some seasonal napkins can make the perfect addition to your autumn dining space.

5) Autumn cushion ideas

If you don’t want to go all out, but are keen to make some subtle changes to your home to celebrate the change of season, why not pick up some seasonal cushions? You can introduce a different feel to your living space in the cooler months and you can also re-use them next year! Here are some ideas for places you can pick them up:

George at Asda






6) Autumn bedding ideas

Switching your bedding as the seasons transition can be a cheap and fun way to change the feel of your home. Here are some places you can pick up seasonal duvet covers:





George at Asda


7) Best autumn candles

A huge part of decorating your home for autumn is picking up new candles! What better way to commemorate a new season than with a fresh scent? You may have your own seasonal favourites, but here are a few popular autumn candles to give you some inspiration!


The White Company’s ‘Autumn’
Image from Selfridges.com


Yankee Candle’s Pumpkin Patch
Image from Fragrance Direct


Woodwick’s Autumn Harvest
Image from Very

Protecting your home this Autumn

Whilst many of us get excited as autumn starts creeping in, the seasons with darker evenings very often mean higher crime rates than the likes of spring and summer. For this reason, it’s really important to make sure you have home insurance in place.

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