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6 reasons to lock your door at uni

When starting uni, little things like locking your door can be the last thing on your mind. It’s a common mentality to think that someone breaking in and potentially stealing something would never happen to you. However, it’s not impossible for someone to get into your uni accommodation if they wanted to. Therefore it’s good to take precautions - so here are six reasons why locking your door really is for the best!

1. Pranks

Everyone’s seen the multitude of photos online showing what can happen if your room is left unlocked. It can range from their entire room being moved to the kitchen, filled with full cups of water, or covered in newspaper. If you don’t want to be the subject of any number of uni room pranks then it would be wise to lock your door (equally, playing these pranks on other people makes you a prime target so take extra care with your rooms, pranksters)!

2. Escapism

Sometimes university life can be quite hectic and you may feel like you never get a moment’s peace. Going to your room for a couple of hours and locking the door may give you some much needed alone time. Locking yourself away for a few hours with no distractions in order to get big uni assignments done is also a necessary evil. Sometimes simply locking your door could help get you in the right mind set to get down to some work.

3. Security

The simplest way to ensure that all your valuables are kept safe from being taken is by locking them in your room when you aren’t there. In many halls it’s really not difficult to get inside - even if you completely trust your flatmates, it’s best to keep your door locked just in case someone from outside the flat gets in. Remembering to lock your door every day can save you a lot of stress that you really don’t need on top of your studies, particularly if something does get taken.

4. Keeping track of your keys

If you’re constantly using your keys then chances are you’ll know where they are at all times. On the other hand, if you hardly ever use them you may forget where they are resulting in stress while you try to find them or having to pay a fine to replace them.

5. Keeping the peace

So you’ve left your door unlocked and something goes missing from your room, you don’t know who it was so everyone is then under suspicion. It doesn’t lead to a nice atmosphere for you or your flatmates. You wouldn’t want anyone to suspect you of breaking into someone’s room so to maintain a friendly environment it’s far easier just to cut out any chance of hostility and lock up.

6. You’d lock your front door at home

Why do any different at university? You wouldn’t want your house or car to be broken into, and at uni your room becomes a substitute for your ‘house’. It’s a good habit to get into in order to prevent more serious burglaries, and it’s good practice for later on when you’re living in your own house.

Remember: it only takes a second. For everything that could go wrong, it’s really worth that quick turn in the door to put your mind and wallet at ease. Getting into the habit of locking your door can spare your worries and anxiety; whether from theft or simply the state your room may be in due to pranks!

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