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4 Freshers’ Week Phone Fails

Freshers’ week is a major event for many students – even those who aren’t necessarily freshers. It’s a solid seven days of meeting new people, bonding with flatmates, dressing up in costumes, and attending parties and events. It can get a little crazy, and unfortunately, important belongings can be lost, damaged or stolen.

As we get closer to the summer break before freshers’ week commences, it’s time to prepare for what lies ahead. That’s why we’ve come up with four ‘phone fails’ you should try and avoid as you indulge in the freshers’ week fiestas.

1. Smashed mobile phone screen

Smashed mobile phone screens can happen at any time – all it takes is one split second to cause damage. Dropping your phone won’t necessarily crack your screen, but sometimes it can ricochet off hard surfaces and this can cause cracks to appear.

During freshers’ week, especially in busy clubs, you’ll most likely be taking out your phone to get selfies, Snapchat stories and to message your friends. All it takes is someone to knock into you by accident to cause you to drop your phone.

Getting a broken phone screen repaired can be costly. It’s always best to have an insurance policy that covers for this sort of damage.

2. Dropped phone down toilet

This is very unlucky, but can happen so easily. If you keep your phone in your back pocket, or if you take it out whilst on the toilet and drop it by accident, it could end up falling down the toilet and getting a cracked screen or water damage.

A dropped phone in water isn’t necessarily the end of its life. If you’re wondering what to do if you drop your phone in water, you may have heard of putting a water damaged phone in a bag of uncooked rice. This can work, as it soaks up any moisture that you haven’t already wiped away. Leaving your phone to dry out is important too, and you should turn it off before doing so.

If you contact your insurance provider and tell them “my phone fell in the toilet”, you won’t be the first!

3. I lost my mobile phone

When you’re hosting a party in your halls kitchen, or attending a party at someone’s student house, losing your phone is so easily done. Putting it down somewhere and forgetting about it, or storing it in a bag with a loose fastening, or even if it’s not pushed into your back pocket properly can cause your mobile phone to be lost.

Easily add cover for loss to your mobile phone insurance with Endsleigh - we’ll even replace your phone within 24 hours of your claim being approved (if stolen or unrepairable)!

4. Someone stole my phone

This is almost as common as losing a mobile phone. Attending busy student parties and nightclub events, or even walking through campus can make it easy for thieves to steal your phone.

It’s important to take measures to make sure your halls of residence or student house are kept secure. Keeping valuables out of sight and locking entrances will hopefully minimise the risk of you being burgled.

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