3 ways to stay connected during the coronavirus lockdown

With school/university cancelled and classes/lectures being attended online, you’ve probably found yourself in a whole new world of ‘self-isolation’. We suspect even the introverts among us, who would usually be making the most of time at home, may be starting to run out of ideas to keep busy.

One of the things we’ve found inspiring during the coronavirus lockdown so far (in addition to the work of our amazing NHS and key workers), is seeing how many businesses have adapted their day-to-day work to push through this difficult time. We thought we’d let you know a few fantastic ways that members of our team have been keeping themselves busy, to make the UK coronavirus lockdown that little bit more manageable.

1) Zoom fitness classes

Stuck for ways to blow off steam now that your gym has been forced to close? Don’t have a home gym setup? No problem. Class instructors and personal trainers all across the UK have been taking to the video conference software, Zoom, to run their usual classes with a twist.

Whether you’re looking for a home workout, Zumba in your living room or garden HIIT sessions, hopefully you’ll find something you can enjoy. To find these classes, try searching for your gym or instructor’s social media page or website where they may be advertising.

Here at Endsleigh, you may have heard that we’ve been working from home since the coronavirus lockdown was announced. We’ve been utilising Zoom to carry out our day to day work, from projects like our black box car insurance to ‘Friday team socials’. It’s been a great way for everyone to keep in touch as if we were in the office.


2) Have a Netflix party

‘A what?!’ we hear you ask. Well, both Netflix and Disney Plus have developed a feature where you can sync your chosen film or series with your loved ones. It also allows you to communicate in the onscreen group chat. Say hello to your very own virtual Netflix party.

You can now watch your favourite shows with your friends without the risk of seeing them in person. #StayHome #StaySafe

3) Video chat with friends

We’re a few weeks into the coronavirus lockdown now, which means many of us won’t have seen our loved ones for quite a while. You may be dreading family members’ birthdays because you know you can’t be with them, or you may just really miss your friends. Sure, you could pick up the phone for a chat. But do you know what would be even better? Seeing their faces.

There are lots of apps out there at the moment that allow you to video call your friends and family. From smaller one-to-one sessions using Facetime, to larger sessions using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Organising a catch up with your nearest and dearest can lift everyone’s spirits and bring some normality back to their lives.


How else can I be productive during the lockdown?

Most people can only do nothing for so long. If the novelty of lockdown is starting to wear off, why not think about some ways you could be productive to keep your mind busy? Looking after your mental wellbeing during this strange time is really important and should be high on your list of priorities.

Aside from the above, you could even make a ‘to do’ list of things you need to get done before you go back to school/university. These could be a mix of purposefully mindful tasks and practical ones, such as:

  • Complete reading tasks
  • Submit assignments early
  • Organise desk space
  • Practice mindfulness every day
  • Prepare study notes for next term’s lectures
  • Write out weekly budget for what you can afford to spend
  • Shortlist potential student housing for next year
  • Find the best black box car insurance to work with a student budget
  • See if you can find better deals for your utility bills
  • Organise socials for when lockdown is over

Looking after your mental health is always important, but especially right now. It can be done in a variety of ways including being productive and also taking the time you need to relax and reflect. Staying connected with others is a crucial part of looking after yourself mentally. You are the most important thing in your life. Make yourself a priority.

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