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10 of the best interior design Instagram accounts to follow

Many of us love a DIY project. But we think it’s fair to say that lockdown has seen more people than ever reaching for their paint brushes. With so much spare time and so little to do, home DIY has been a huge lockdown trend – especially when interior design social media influencers have been posting so many different lockdown projects!

Off the back of that trend, here are 10 of the best interior design accounts on Instagram that you should be following for inspiration if you aren’t already…

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Minimalist interior design Instagram accounts

If you’re a fan of clean, minimal living spaces and are in need of some inspiration to ditch the clutter, take a look at these interior design Instagram accounts.


Account: @lepetitfika
Followers: 17.6k
About the account: Charlotte King is a London-based visual arts Instagrammer. Her account is full of white space, neutral tones and creative pictures of her home. Mainly interior-focused, her account also hosts some lifestyle content – so you’ll be inspired in more ways than one.


Account: @mykindlifestyle
Followers: 2.1k
About the account: Lucy is Cheshire-based and has dedicated her account to renovating her 70s home. Aided by the fact she’s a professional photographer, her feed is full of minimalist interior design inspiration with a slight ‘scandi’ (short for Scandinavian) feel - using neutral, cool tones. Lucy also runs a blog where she documents the process of her home renovation.

Scandi interior design Instagrams

‘Scandi’ style seems to be timeless when it comes to interiors. Here are some more of the best interior design Instagram accounts for 2020.


Account: @kasiahome
Followers: 47.2k
About the account: Kasia’s Instagram account showcases her own spin on Scandinavian interior. She weaves traditional wicker accessories in with more modern pieces of furniture and each room encompasses a subtle feature colour. It’s all the Scandinavian inspiration you need!


Account: @scandi_uk
Followers: 65k
About the account: Sylwia has dedicated her Instagram to photographing her UK-based scandi-style home. Whilst having classic, bright scandi features, the whole interior also has a ‘boho’ feel to it – mixing modern trends with those from the 60s/70s.

Neutral home decor blogs

Neutral colour pallets can also bring a certain calmness to an interior. Here are some fantastic neutral home decor accounts.


Account: @sylvieathome
Followers: 12.4k
About the account: Sylvie’s Instagram account focuses around her beautifully designed, London-based home. She’s kept the focus on neutral tones utilising white, creams, greys and even khakis. She’s made perfect use of the space that she has and this is shown in her growing Instagram following.


Account: @aj_chedworth
Followers: 2.1k
About the account: This account shows the progress of a Sussex-based new build as its owners put their spin on their new home. It mainly encompasses white/grey neutral tones, but there are some elements of colour used for feature walls to keep things interesting (we’re specifically talking about a fabulous navy downstairs toilet!).


Account: @toni_interior
Followers: 98.4k
About the account: This is the account of a home/cleaning-focused YouTuber called Toni. Her Instagram displays her modern Liverpool home which is bright, white and very clean! Toni helps people clean, decorate and style their homes and this is showcased on her popular YouTube account.

Colourful home decor Instagram accounts

As great as minimal, neutral interiors are, we also appreciate a vibrant home, full of colour. Here are some of the best interior design accounts that focus on colour.


Followers: 10.7k
About the account: Lucy, who runs this account, is a lawyer and self-confessed interior novice. But ‘novice’ isn’t the word we’d use. Her home is beautiful – an Edwardian semi-detached house (the clue is in the Instagram handle!) which still holds traditional features such as stain glass windows and fire places. Lucy uses a mixture of dark and pastel colours to accentuate certain features, such as her fabulous pastel pink front door.


Account: @gottacraft
Followers: 7.7k
About the account: This account is run by Sandra and it very often features her 2 Lakeland terriers, Bertie and Molly. Not so long ago, Sandra and her husband permanently moved into their creek-facing holiday home which they affectionately named “little house”. Their home is filled with colour, including one incredible pastel blue Aga! Sandra and her husband are also renovating a historic shop in Kent, turning it into a coffee/tea room with an Airbnb on top. You can follow this journey here @bosuns_of_queenborough.


Account: @thehomethatmademe
Followers: 126k
About the account: This is another Instagram home decor account in the UK and it’s run by Charlotte, who cleverly mixes a whole array of different styles into her modern home. The shared spaces maintain a more neutral colour pallet, but the bedrooms (particularly, the children’s) have gorgeous feature colours ranging from deep navy to pastel pink. Charlotte’s home presents as clutter-free and is the perfect place to take inspiration if you’re experimenting with colour! She also runs a successful blog which documents her decorating journeys.

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