Student life

10 absolute truths about uni

... from the perspective of a former politics student

1. You'll develop a whole new appreciation of the art of fancy dress

Fancy dress is taken very seriously at university: it is an art. Gone are the days where you could get away with a stripy T-shirt, calling yourself a 'robber'. It actually takes time and commitment; you'll see as you admire other people's creativity and handy work. Favourites include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smurfs and Duracell bunnies.

2. The nightlife is much better than at home

It really doesn’t matter where you have come from, the nightlife at your university is better! Familiarity breeds contempt, but maybe it is because the atmosphere on a student night is generally friendly.

3. You will get freshers' flu

It is pretty much a fact that at some point during your time at university, you will get the infamous “Freshers' Flu”.

4. You will get locked out

At home you have never had to worry about looking after your keys - if you go out and come back late, the front door key is under the big flower pot or one of your parents is waiting up for you.

At uni, you will definitely get locked out of your student flat. The question you need to ask yourself is: what do you prefer? Risking the wrath of your housemates as you bang on their windows and ring the doorbell continuously for 45 minutes.... or sleep in the bush?

5. You will never run out of teabags

Very quickly the highlight of your day and solution to any problem will be a cup of tea. Initially you will stick to the tried and tested supermarket brand – but as the year passes, you will get experimental. Green Tea, Black Tea, Assam and maybe even Fruit Tea will find their way into your cupboards. By the end of the second term, you could rival Twinings.

6. Early morning lectures are unavoidable

Your university timetable can be cruel at times, and you will have your fair share of 9am lectures. It's just a shame if they occur the morning after the best student night out of the week.

7. Karaoke is an acceptable night out

It is funny and free. Karaoke is quickly becoming a university night out staple, and because of it, you will likely soon know all the words to Green Green Grass of Home.

8. Procrastination becomes a past time

You really should read the chapter about Just War. It would be a good idea to start work on that essay that is due in two weeks, or that presentation that needs to be completed. But Doctors is on in a bit. Then you are meeting a friend for a pint at the union, then home in time for Neighbours... awww that friendly cat is in the garden again! Check out our top procrastination websites here.

9. You will end up joining a number of random societies

From Quidditch to nerf guns and hummus societies, at your university’s freshers’ fair you will join them all! You will pick up the free sweets and pop your name on the list without any intention of ever attending an organised event.

10. It will be the most fun you ever have

You will make some of the best friends, you will do things you will never do again and you will spend a great deal of time trying to pay off the debts you managed to accrue. But you will always look back on these days as some of the best you had. Enjoy it, because it is over far too quickly!

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