Tales of the Unexpected

We commissioned research of over 2,000 tenants and 500 landlords to find out what really drives the rental market. The research sheds lights on tenant-landlord relationships, despite possible grievances, more than three quarters of tenants surveyed said they were happy with their current landlord, whilst two-fifths of landlords say they would unreservedly “go the extra mile” to keep their tenants happy. Scroll down to see some of the unexpected tales.

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Rent increases

Despite rental prices often rising in the UK, nearly 50% of tenants we surveyed don't expect yearly rent increases.

Rental responsibilities

Struggling to know what responsibilities lie with you or your tenant? You’re not alone. A staggering 45% of landlords feel the same.

We’ve put a handy responsibilities guide together to help clear up the confusion when it comes to rental property maintenance and care.

Tenant expectations

28% of tenants we surveyed told us a professional clean was top of their must-haves list when moving into a rental property.

Happy tenants

A whopping 83% of tenants we surveyed told us they’re happy with their landlord. We've put together our top tips for keeping your tenants happy.


32% of the tenants we surveyed feel there needs to be wifi installed prior to them moving in.