Spotlight on TrustMark

22 Jul 2014


Company name:            TrustMark

Contact:                        Stuart Carter     

Position:                       Head of PR and Marketing


What is your role at TrustMark?

I oversee the implementation of all PR and marketing activities for the TrustMark quality mark.


If you had to describe what your organisation does in one paragraph what would you say?

TrustMark is the Government-endorsed qualify mark that signposts consumers to reputable tradesmen.


Who are your main customers?  

Our main customers are owners of properties, or people who are responsible for the management and maintenance of properties.


What one thing do you want your customers to think about you?

TrustMark is the most comprehensive, reliable and expert ‘find a tradesman’ scheme.


What is your company vision?

TrustMark’s vision is for a future where rogue traders are effectively eliminated from the home repair and improvement sector; because of the wide spread recognition of Trustmark being the quality mark to look out for. 

TrustMark sees its role as providing consumers with choice, confidence and protection. We’re here to signpost people to reputable firms and expert tradespeople working to Government-endorsed standards. 


How do you work with Endsleigh?

We are working in partnership with Endsleigh to provide a simple route for people to find good quality local tradesmen.


What wouldn’t people know about your company?

Incompetent tradesmen have cost UK homeowners an estimated £1.9 billion over the last year*, which is five times more than domestic burglary claims over the same period. This is an alarming figure and highlights the urgent need to have a scheme like TrustMark where people have a reliable and trustworthy source for finding trusted and good quality local tradesmen.


Do you tweet? 

Yes, regularly from @TrustMarkUK.    


If you could change one law or policy what would that be?

Following insurance claims that involve repair work on properties, there should be a policy to ensure all work is only carried out by qualified and inspected tradesmen who comply with high standards of workmanship and trading practices. This would avoid potential shoddy work by unscrupulous traders. 

To find out more information about TrustMark, visit

*Research commissioned by TrustMark, March 2014 – 2,000 British homeowners

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Written by: TrustMark. TrustMark can help you to find reliable, trustworthy tradesmen to make improvements and repairs inside and outside properties.

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