Maintaining windows and doors

Windows and doors left with little or no maintenance can often lead to expensive early replacement.

Follow these top tips, provided by Glassolutions on keeping your windows and doors in good condition:

1. Timber framed windows and doors

Inspect them regularly to see if there are cracks emerging in the exterior coating. Just one crack in the paint exposes the timber to moisture, and the decomposition of the timber has begun.

2. Aluminium windows and doors

…require little maintenance and are perfect for buy to let properties. Wash the outside of the windows, the frame and the opening hinges a few times a year. By doing this, you’re keeping them free from dirt and salt (particularly important in coastal areas) build up which could cause discolouring and damage in the long run.

3. Weather strips (Rubber seals around doors and windows)

…require no maintenance beyond routine cleaning when needed. Use a cloth with a silicone care product to ensure the strips remain soft. If the strips become stiff then there is a possibility they can lose their effectiveness or become brittle and break.

4. Moving parts such as hinges and locks

Ensure you lubricate all moving parts a few times a year, this will ensure that they continue to move smoothly. If they aren’t lubricated they can deteriorate and become difficult to operate eventually leading to the possibility of them not working and having to be replaced. This again is very important in coastal areas as sea salt encourages the build-up of rust.

5. Clean window panes

…with mild soapy water, use a soft brush and a squeegee to maintain appearance and good visibility.

6. Exterior frames

Clean the exterior frames twice a year. Open the windows and wash all available surfaces, corners etc. where insects like to hide, a couple of times a year. These should be kept clean to avoid general degrading of the framework. Insects can eat into the rubber gasket around the frame, allowing draughts and wet weather in.

7. General cleanliness

Remove cobwebs and the like, which in time will inevitably sit in the corners and can block the automatic water drainage and the natural ventilation around the frame.

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Written by: Glassolutions. Working with the Endsleigh Claims Team to get landlords back up and running following a claim. 

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