Exhibition of Oops

31 May 2016

According to our recent survey, 50% of landlords are very happy with their current tenants, whilst over 80% of tenants are happy with their landlords. However, the survey also revealed that ‘poor tenants and damages’ ranked as landlords biggest concern (20%), followed by unexpected rising costs (15%). Our ‘Exhibition of Oops’ highlights just a handful of the many unexpected moments that occur as a landlord. From loft conversions to stolen cars, we’ve heard it all…

Loft conversions

Have you ever had an unreasonable request from your tenant? This bold tenant asked his landlord for a loft conversion at the landlord’s expense...

Stolen cars

One unfortunate landlady had a tenant who burnt down her garage because they had stolen a car and the police were coming round!

Forgetful tenants

One tenant had to break the window of their rented property to get back their keys, after getting locked out.


Abandoned furniture

One landlord found an abandoned sofa in the garden of his rental property.

Unusual requests

The most unusual request one landlord had was from a tenant who asked if he could be paid to maintain the garden and house. It was a house share and the sum he requested would have meant the landlord was actually paying him to live there. We have to commend him for his commercial acumen!

Pia Neave

Pia works in the Digital team at Endsleigh, managing our social channels and online content. She loves baking, travelling and running.