How to re-vamp a child's bedroom

Interior design expert and student Emily May shares what to do if you rent a property and you want to re-vamp a small child’s bedroom if budget is scarce.

Here’s the before shot so you can see the transformation!

Kids Bedroom1

Simply give the walls a fresh lick of paint – if the walls are already white then this can’t do any harm to the property if you rent. You could even ask your landlord if he has any paint to spare. This will no doubt freshen up any room.

Add fairy lights to create a sense of cosy-ness to the room. Not On The High Street have an awesome selection!

DSC_0693 DSC_0673

Here are the room accents to really transform this room in to a baby sanctuary – great for getting a little one off to sleep;

  1. Use removable vinyl wall stickers above the cot that can be peeled off with no residue when you leave a property. Wall Boss and Esty have great selections.
  2. A fresh coat of paint on the walls as they were grubby, but painted in a neutral colour that was pre-approved by the landlord.
  3. Added colour by just painting the doors- which can easily be repainted in an hour or two when you leave the property, rather than having to re paint a whole room.
  4. Add texture with double layered linen curtains that can also be taken down when you move.
  5. Add texture with a faux fur throw on the bed and cosy new cushions

 A garland can add personality – a personalised one is even better. Yellowbird Interiors is a great source of a custom made garland and can be hand painted in a custom colour of your choice.



And voila! – a simple lick of paint and some removable accents make this room much more tranquil and is easy to reverse when you leave the property!

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