How to make a decorative wall flower garland

Paper bunting is so old school, to really up your interior crafting game you need to try a paper flower garland. Yes, this stunning cascade of flowers is made from paper! The handcrafted lifestyle blogger Lia Griffith has shared her crafting skills with us, so you can make your own. It would be perfect to make for parties, or as a focal point in a bedroom or living room.


For this project, you will need;

1. A large branch (about 8ft long)
2. Glue gun
3. Twine
4. Scissors
5. 10 yellow paper flower & leaf shapes
6. 30 white paper flower & leaf shapes

Step 1 – begin by cutting out all of the shapes carefully.

Cascading Paper Flower Garland 1 Of 27

Step 2 – with the non-sharp edge of the scissors, curl the end of each petal to give the flower a more organic shape.

Cascading Paper Flower Garland (3 Of 27)

Step 3 – do the same for the leaves – ensuring they have a natural curl to them. 

Cascading Paper Flower Garland (4 Of 27)

Step 4 – glue the thin edge of the petal so the flowers hold their shape. With the larger flowers, make sure these curl in the opposite direction to make this feature even more eye catching. Begin to arrange the flowers in rows to start to see your flower garland come to life!


Step 5 –top tip; tape the ends of the twine to make this easier to thread and minimise fraying. Then trim off the excess tape. Hours of potential stress saved!


Step 6 – begin threading your flowers, ensuring you weave a mixture of colours, shapes and leaves


Step 7 – begin arranging each garland on to the branch and ensure they’re evenly spaced. Trim off any excess twine and voila! Your very own cost effective wall decoration, perfect if you can’t paint or add wallpaper to your home!

Cascading Paper Flower Garland (3 Of 6)

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