DIY chair makeover

Add moving house with inherited furniture and what do you get? The chances are you’ll end up with mismatched or slightly tired items that still ‘do the job’ but could no doubt do with some DIY love to restore them to their former glory. 


We’ve teamed up with interior design student and blogger Emily May to share her expert guide to how to re-create this at home on a minimal budget.

First you need the essentials; an upholstery paint colour of choice, as well as masking tape and a face mask to protect you from the fumes. Fabric Spray is a great source for suitable paint.


It’s essential to clear your chair first or the paint won’t stick. Use your masking tape to cover any part of the chair you don’t want covered in paint.

DIY Chair 3

Then start spraying in an open space with little wind – you don’t want to be chased by a cloud of paint!



Allow the paint to dry and accessorise with a complimentary cushion. There are a multitude of affordable, yet fabulous cushions available from places like TK Maxx, Dunelm Mill or even eBay. Alternatively if you’re feeling particularly creative after this project, then why not make your own?

IMG_0072 (1)

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