Completion day costs

Completion day is an incredibly exciting time, as it’s the day that all of the money is transferred for your new home, and you get to grasp the keys for the first time! The seller and the buyer will agree in advance when this day will be so you can prepare.

However, with all the excitement of completing on your new home, it’s easy to overlook some of the additional costs you may have to factor in once you’ve moved into the property. By planning ahead you can make sure you set aside a budget to cover these costs, as they can still add up to a  considerable amount.

  • Removal costs – do your research and shop around for several different quotes before picking a removal firm. It’s also worth checking reviews beforehand. Check that the removal firm you hire is insured, or, if you’re moving yourself, think about arranging insurance cover. Check if your existing home insurance policy will cover your move, as you may have already arranged insurance cover from the exchange of contracts.
  • Cleaning costs – if you're moving from a rental property, as part of your tenancy agreement you will most likely have to clean it thoroughly before you move out. You’ll likely have enough on your plate organising the move, so hiring a professional cleaner is a very convenient option.
  • Mail redirection costs – Royal Mail’s Redirection service will forward your post from your old address to your new one, and helps to protect your mail from falling into the wrong hands. The service is available for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months, and you can redirect your mail to any UK or overseas address. You can plan ahead for the cost of this service by using their price calculator.
  • Other moving day costs – think about how you’ll be feeding yourself if you don’t have a working oven or cooking facilities, as take-aways could quickly get expensive! Consider what you'll do about day care if you have any children or pets, and think about any other costs that might crop up on the day.

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