Protecting Yourself on Social Media

With technology at our fingertips it’s no surprise that social networks have become part of our everyday lives, but do you know how to stay safe on them? Here are our top five tips on staying social and safe.

Keep your profile private
From keeping your Facebook profile limited to friends only, and Twitter & Instagram locked so you have to approve followers, it all helps to ensure only those who you know are able to see your personal information.

Be careful how much information you share
Your date of birth, current location, college/university/work place, relationships and common interests are just some of the things that stalkers, identity thieves or hackers could use to access your personal accounts or details, or even steal your identity completely.

Think before you post
You may have deleted that photo or status, but remember: what goes on the internet, stays on the internet, and with big social networks now giving you the option of downloading your history with them, there’s more reason than ever to think twice before clicking ‘post’.

Don’t publicise being away
We know going on holiday is exciting, but checking in from Heathrow Terminal 5 isn’t the best move. How many of your followers now know your house is empty because you wanted to tell the world you’re jetting off? Save it until you get back & post a couple of your favourite pics to show your friends you had a great time instead.

Think about your future
When applying for jobs, future employers generally search social networks for profiles of potential employees to see what they’re really like. If your profile is locked, with limited information and photos, you’re less likely to be thrown into the rejected pile before you’ve even had a chance to make your impression.

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