7 things you didn't know your smartphone can do

They say we only use a tiny percentage of our brain capacity, our lung capacity and now NASA has launched three smartphones into space to act as satellites – this begs the question, are we only using a tiny percentage of our phone’s capacity? Here’s seven things you may not have known your smartphone was capable of. Unleash the potential!


1. Turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There are a few apps out there that can do this, such as Wi-Fi hotspot and USB Tethering Lite and FoxFi. Although on iPhone 4, 4S and 5, you can configure your settings to turn it into a personal hotspot without an app.


2. Pay for stuff.

If you don’t fancy carrying your wallet around, you can use a virtual wallet on your phone. Companies like O2 and Google have launched virtual wallets that you can use online or on your phone and lock remotely for extra security.


3. Start, control and locate your car.

Viper SmartStart is a really cool app that allows you to control your car from your account within the app. The latest version includes Siri integration too.  


4. Catch a criminal.

There are lots of apps around now – iGotYa, Find my iPhone and Kaspersky Mobile Lite are all free ones – that can take pictures of the thief, set off alarms and/or remotely wipe devices. These are certainly features that will give you peace of mind should your phone get stolen, and might even help get your phone back. Or, if you use your phone to take a picture and it sends back a snap of your handbrake, you’ll know you’ve left it in the car again.


5. Be your navigator.

The Waze app can turn your phone into a SatNav that re-calculates your route and has a community based real time road closures feature and traffic updates. It’s even got a feature that tells you which fuel station is the cheapest in your area and if you’re on your way to see someone, you can send them an ETA and a link so they can track your journey’s progress.


6. Turn your phone into a wireless keyboard, remote and mouse for your computer.

Mobile Mouse Pro, uses a built in accelerometer to function as an air mouse. Tilt from side to side and the cursor follows, use the phone screen as a track pad and shake it to hide or show the keyboard. There’s a version on both Android and iOS.


7. Rescue you.

For those situations when you are trapped talking to someone you wish you weren’t. Fake me out of here means you can shake your phone to activate a fake call to get you out of the situation. 

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David McCormack

Written by: David McCormack. An Endsleigh employee.

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