Travel and Holidays

What are the most dangerous countries to visit on holiday?

Everyone gets excited for the summer holidays. But in the midst of all the planning, people often don’t consider the risks involved with travelling abroad. To help you feel prepared for your summer travel, we’ve done some research into the world’s riskiest travel destinations.

7 questions to ask yourself before driving abroad

Summer’s finally here, which means that it’s time to pack up the car and head off on your summer road trip. Whilst hitting the open road is exciting, there are 7 questions you should ask yourself before driving abroad…

10 ways to protect your home on holiday

It’s a sad truth that holidaymakers can often be vulnerable to opportunistic thieves as their homes sit empty while they’re away on holiday. To help you feel prepared before you jet off on your travels, here are 10 tips to protect you home while you’re away on holiday.

Do I need travel insurance for my holiday?

To help you decide which travel insurance is best suited to your trip, we’ve pulled together some things to consider when taking out a travel insurance policy, and the different types of policy available.

The Solo Traveller’s Survival Guide

While everyone dreams of travelling, a lot of people get slightly nervous at the prospect of travelling alone. Read our Solo Traveller’s Survival Guide to find out the best tips, tricks and hacks for your solo trip.

What you need to know about mobile data roaming abroad

A change in EU roaming rules in June 2017 now means that you’re able to ‘roam like at home’ when using your mobile phone on your travels. From checking your contract, to changing your phone settings, here’s what you need to know about mobile data roaming abroad.

The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Summer is finally here, which can only mean one thing - festival season is finally upon us! Good music, great friends and plenty of sunshine, a weekend at a festival can be exactly what you need to get you through to Christmas. Read our festival survival guide to make sure you get the most out of your ticket!

The Ultimate Student Gap Year Guide

Unsure on whether to take a gap year? We've got you covered. From finances, to travel destinations, this student gap year guide covers off all of the things you’ll need to consider when deciding whether or not to take a gap year, as well as some of the options available to you should you decide to take one.

10 Apps for Stress-Free Travels

Everyone travels with a smartphone in their pocket these days, and there’s a huge selection of useful travel apps available at your fingertips that you can download to make your next venture a little easier.

Stay safe on the piste

To help you get the most of your winter holiday, here are our top tips for staying safe on the slopes.

Understanding winter sports insurance

If you’ll be taking part in any snow sports over the winter season, it’s important to make sure that you have suitable insurance cover in place.

What can I do if I don’t want to ski?

We’ve pulled together our top five activities to partake in on a winter holiday, that don’t involve a piste.

Skiing destinations on a budget

Whilst skiing holidays have a reputation for being expensive, there are a variety of European ski destinations you can travel to that won’t break the bank.

Top tips for a successful road trip

If you’re planning on taking a road trip, whether it’s in the UK or slightly further afield, it’s always worth making sure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

3 benefits of volunteer holidays with animals

For many, volunteering abroad is a life changing experience, and offers an array of benefits, not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well.

5 Christmas markets to visit in Europe

It’s that time of year again – so have a read about some of the best Christmas markets Europe has to offer.

5 road trip car games

To help you stay entertained during your road trip, here are our five favourite car games for you to try.

5 road trip destinations to try in the UK

If you’re looking to hit the open road and indulge in some spontaneity, here are our top five road trip destinations in the UK.