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House buying checklist

Purchasing your first home, or perhaps even upsizing? Download our handy house buying checklist so you know what to look out for when you’re house hunting!

10 tips for settling into a new city

Whether you’ve moved away from your home town because you’re starting university or to embark on a new career, the prospect of settling into a whole new city can seem like a daunting one. Here are 10 tips to help you settling into your new city.

What insurance do I need for my new home?

To help you make sure you have the right cover in place for your new home, read our guide to the different types of home insurance.

The First Time Buyer Survival Guide

Buying a home for the first time is probably one of the most significant purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, and it can be a particularly overwhelming process for first time buyers who might not know what to expect. Read our First Time Buyer Survival Guide to understand the process of buying a property from start to finish.

10 ways to protect your home on holiday

It’s a sad truth that holidaymakers can often be vulnerable to opportunistic thieves as their homes sit empty while they’re away on holiday. To help you feel prepared before you jet off on your travels, here are 10 tips to protect you home while you’re away on holiday.

9 easy ways to fit into a new workplace

After university, it can be slightly daunting leaving the comfort of the classroom and joining a new workplace for the first time. Read about 9 easy ways to fit into your new workplace.

10 space saving ideas for small homes

When you live in a small home (or perhaps just have a lot of stuff), you have to get creative pretty quickly to make sure you’ve got enough room for all of your possessions. There are a number of different ways to store your items that’ll make your small home feel that much more spacious.

10 ways to protect your tenancy deposit

Our research shows that 25% of students that paid a deposit for their student accommodation received deductions from the amount at the end of the tenancy. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some easy ways to protect your tenancy deposit, both before and during the tenancy.

10 ways to prove that you’re officially an ‘adult’

According to our research, young Brits don’t really turn into official ‘adults’ until the age of 25, six years after legal adulthood! If you’re ready and raring to enter into your next life phase, here are our top ten tips to prove you’re officially an ‘adult.’