Why should I get a dashcam?

Increasingly, drivers in the UK are fitting their vehicles with dashcams. A dashcam, or dashboard camera, is a device that fits onto your car that can record what’s viewed through your windscreen. Some cameras switch on at the same time as the engine, capturing events as they happen on your trip, whilst others are battery powered – it all depends on what sort of dashcam you have.

Dashcams are being seen increasingly in the UK and European countries due to their multitude of benefits. With this in mind, here are the top reasons for getting a dashcam fitted.

Recording motor accidents

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and occasionally it’s difficult to know, or prove, who is at fault. In this instance, the insurers of the parties involved will come to an agreement as to who is liable based on the evidence at hand.

With a dashcam, you’ll have recorded every aspect of the accident – meaning that your insurers can clearly see who is at fault if they request the footage as extra evidence. If the other party is to blame, this handy device should help to protect your no claims discount.

Avoiding insurance scams

Whilst insurance scams are rare, they do sometimes happen. Occasionally, the other driver, or maybe even a pedestrian, will be injured during a motor accident (perhaps they’ve suffered whiplash) and will try to claim on your insurance for the damages. This will increase the size of the claim, and potentially impact your insurance premium next year.

With a dashcam, your insurers will be able to review the footage to help determine whether the injury was caused during the accident, or by another event.

Checking out your driving skills

We’ve all been caught in a scenario where, although you’ve managed to avoid a scrape whilst driving, you’ve come pretty close. In these instances, having a dashcam will provide you with useful insight so you can decide whether it was you at fault, or the other party. Learning from your mistakes could potentially avoid an accident in future.

Not only this, but the feeling of being constantly recorded whilst you’re driving might subconsciously cause you to drive slower and safer – yet another easy way of avoiding a crash!

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